May 31, 2012 Update
Chapter: One
Pages range: 1 - 10
June 7, 2012

The comic made its online debut on May 31, 2012 with an update of 10 pages. It introduced us our main character Ava, the demon haunting her, and a classmate of hers.

Summary Edit

The story starts with Ava, drawing and doodling on a notebook while sitting on a class, as a female-looking horned demon appears before her calling for her attention, to which she reacts surprised. The demon reaches for her hand and face and focuses on the notebook in which Ava is drawing, and she does look at it as well. Disturbed and shocked, she watches as her own hand writes an insult to herself in big bold words.

Furtherly reacting to the demon and its possesion of Ava in order to insult her, the latter shakes herself off while screaming in an attempt to get rid of the demon's influence on her body. While the demon's posession seems to have wore off, Ava regains attention on her surrounding and notices her class looking at her in confusion and awkwardness out of her actions. As the class' teacher points out Ava's shock and screams, asking who these were aimed towards, the demon hides laughing beneath the desk next to Ava, while she shows confusion and anxiety towards the situation. When trying to attempt to give a reason for her actions, the teacher merely discards claiming that she doesn't care, and without hesitation sends Ava to see the principal of the school. As Ava stands up on her way towards the principal's office, we see a classmate of hers carelessly looking at her as she leaves, showing no real interest of her behaviour.

Trivia Edit

  • Ava noticing the demon calling for her attention and this one's apparent ability to control Ava's body with its intentions, as well as her class' confusion towards her schock, imply that Ava may be the only one who's able to notice the demon's presence.
  • The page with the self written insult towards Ava was phrased differently when originally posted with the update. This change in wording was due to Michelle taking the slurs off the comic in order to attempt to get the story printed more easily. The printing of the story, even in a partial way, was later succesful in the 2013 kickstarter.
    • The original wording was "FUCK U AVA U FAT BITCH", whereas the current version of the panel reads "DIE IN A FIRE, AVA IRE".