June 7, 2012 Update
Chapter: One
Pages range: 11 - 20
May 31, 2012
June 14, 2012

The comic updated on June 7, 2012 with an addition of 10 pages to the story. It introduces an impatient classmate of Ava's, and sets the story on time as well. Site-wisely, the Cast page is uploaded.


Returning to where the previous update last left off, the disinterested looking girl seen as Ava leaves the class is approached by a boy sitting behind her calling for her attention. Due to both his own stuttering and the girl's lack of interest, the boy is forced to touch her shoulder, much to her own dismay. She energetically reacts to him, pointing towards him and angrily noting him for having touched her, going as far as daring him to touch her again in advice of not doing so. Without showing emotions on his face, he daringly touches her hand with a single finger.

The narrative changes back to Ava, who is now in the Principal's office. The place shows itself to be within a strict line of design, with a strong sky-blue fashion. Near the secretary of the office, a series of screens can be seen hanging in the walls, one of which shows the time to be the morning of 1/3/3031, all among the same sky-blue colored theme, with inspirational and motivational messages towards the students of the school, all of which show be signed and delivered by "Ti. Inc" as well.

As Ava meets the Principal, he calmly gives her a warning of her behaviour, simply stating that if she can't control herself, she'll be expelled from the school. As she shows to be anxious and worried, the demon appears before her chair and focuses on her face once again, the same way she did before in class. Ava's eyes suddenly glow brightly as the demon expresses through her body impatience of not being expeled already, as Ava's hand glows the same way while giving the Principal the finger. The latter kindly asks her to wait outside by the secretary as he prepares her departure, Ava still in shock after having been possessed.


  • The screens by the secretary show several motivational messages towards students to be sent to the Principal. Both these screens and the desk the Principal uses are signed and delivered by "Ti. Inc". Considering the blue motif of these items and the general blue fashion of the office, it may as well be assumed that the entire office has been built by Ti. Inc, or its parts at least given by.
    • The screens show the following messages:
      • "Welcome to the Principal's office! :D | Brought to your school by Ti. Inc."
      • "Mediocrity is fine too!"
      • "At least pretend to care, because we do!"
      • "A good student is an uninquisitive student!"
      • "The universe needs ditch-diggers too!"
  • The time is shown to be 1/3/3031 9:54AM.