June 14, 2012 Update
Chapter: One
Pages range: 21 - 31
June 7, 2012
June 21, 2012

The comic updated on June 14, 2012 with an addition of 11 pages to the story.


Ava waits to leave her school in the Principal's office while reading pamphlets given to her suggesting her future or options to seek after being expeled. As she reads a magazine showing a "Galactic Child Containment Center" on its cover, she is shown to be saddened by her situation of being possessed and being unable to express her problems in an efficient way.

While doing so, the disinterested looking girl seen in her class enters to the office, paying little to no attention to Ava at all, claiming to the secretary about having an urgent need to speak to the Principal. The secretary shows little to no interest whatsoever in either Ava nor the girl, much to the second's annoyance. She tells about having been nearly kidnapped and stalked, becoming increasingly irritated when the secretary discards her issues. The demon appears once again, possesing Ava and telling the girl, to whom she calls Maggie, that she simply is too ugly to be stalked in the first place.

Having turned towards her in shock, Maggie becomes alarmingly angry noticing Ava's insult, who now covers her mouth after recovering control of her body in a vain intent to inhibit the demon from making her talk again. Maggie simply insults Ava as the "class lunatic", noting a perception of her class not knowing about Ava being haunted by a demon, implied in turn that Ava's known for being mentally unstable. Maggie then goes as far as pulling her hair and kicking her head. Just as Ava is about to get hit in the face with Maggie's knee, the boy that had previously called for the latter's attention enters into the office, stuttering and breaking the fight.


  • The magazine showing the "Galactic Child Containment Center" on its cover has a "Ti. Inc" logo behind it.
  • The secretary is seen scroling through her phone, Michelle later confirmed the site she's scrolling through being Tumblr.
  • The time is shown to be 1/3/3031 10:05AM.